Goa trip or Can say weekend at Goa :)

I was in Mumbai and I was staying at 11th floor apartment. One night I was sitting in balcony and was thinking that I wish I could see beach in front of me at that time. It's not  that I have never experienced it but yes I am person who loves beaches.


In Oct 2016, I was moved to Bangalore and suddenly decided to Visit Goa again. It was not planned and worst thing was that I was having throat infection. Still we reached Goa and that too with hired taxi as flights rates were on peak due to season which was month of November. We had lunch and went to Anjuna Beach in evening. That was the time which I connected with my day when I was in Mumbai, was thinking about the beach.


The next day, we went to Vagator beach. We were not having any plans to spend our Sunday there. Me and my friend just went to freshen up and the moment we came back we were not finding our friends. We both walked long way to search them and were unable to find them and funny part was that our phones were with them. I was thinking that they are looking at us from far and fooling us. Then we decided to move out of the place so that they come to us to stop but then there only we found them and they were already relaxed and enjoying their time and we joined them back. So we spent our whole day there.


Sweet tickling waves were like music to my ears. The relaxed mind and happy mood made me certainly forget about the throat infection. That was one of the best weekend in Goa. It was only just weekend as my leaves were not approved so I did come back to office on Monday but I enjoyed the weekend completely and that was just crazy.



I wish, I have the same time more , more and many more times again. 

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